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Xiaoluban's users are from all over the world and numerous engineering cases have become a powerful case for Xiaoluban to continuously provide new options and solutions for architectural designers and developers.

Reliable durable

Xiaoluban products have passed a series of rigorous experimental tests in Europe and the United States and practical tests of buildings around the world. We can provide you with products that meet the standards.

Rich product range

Xiaoluban's products can meet various opening methods, and provide customer with scientific and comprehensive solutions according to the market and customers' needs for performance and satefy.

Continous innovation

Through continous research and development, design and introduction of more product categories, new products are launched every year. Xiaoluban has always maintained a leading level of quality and technology.

Company Pofile

Xiaoluban is an aluminium window and door manufacturer, located in the building materials capital of Guangdong Foshan, has focused on the door and window production industry for more than ten years, mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries. We have a complete door and window certification system, and the factory products meet the highest national inspection standards.

Xiaoluban has always been committed to providing customers with one-stop door and window procurement solutions. Professional high-end customized service, 30-year after-sales quality assurance, the leading brand in industry technology.

Technicians will solve all your door and window needs! We specialize in undertaking domestic and foreign home improvement, villas, engineering, projects and other businesses, welcome to contact us.

Main Products

Our main products are aluminum folding doors, aluminum sliding doors, aluminum casement doors, aluminum casement windows, aluminum sliding windows, PVC doors and windows, wood doors, sunrooms, curtain walls, etc.

Do you want to customize a unique design with Xiaoluban?

Customized for you according to your style and size, whatever you want.

Why Choose Us

Looking for reliable aluminum door and window manufacturers? Our company is a top choice for commercial aluminum doors and windows, offering high-quality products that meet industry standards. As one of the leading aluminum sliding door manufacturers, we specialize in durable and stylish options for both residential and commercial spaces. Trust us as your go-to aluminum door and window company and factory for all your door needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

OEM Service

Strong production capacity and competitive price


Stable and fast transportation and 15 days delivery

After-sale Service

Door-to-door Service Excellent After-Sale Service


Perfect quality program, 100% test before delivery

Production Process

Here are the key steps involved in making aluminum windows and doors:

  1. First, prepare the profiles according to the dimensions provided by the customer.
  2. Second, assemble the frames, put the glass in them, and seal them with all necessary accessories.
  3. Next, conduct a quality inspection to ensure that the windows and doors perform correctly.
  4. Finally, package the products using bubble wrap and wooden crates to ensure their safety during transit.

We Provide the Best Aluminum Door and Window

We strictly follow relevant standards during production. Every machine is running silently, and every worker is working tirelessly to create wireless possibilities for Xiaoluban.



Our Latest Projects

As one of the many aluminium windows manufacturers and aluminium door manufacturers, we stand out among the rest. We have passed the Intertek American Standard CW level test. The watertight performance of the folding door is 720Pa, the ultimate wind pressure resistance is 3600pa, and the air tightness is 0.2 L/s·m2.

Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

1000+ Satisfied Clients Over The Globe

" I have installed Xiaoluban aluminum doors and windows. I feel that I not only enjoy the modern appearance and design, but also feel the improvement in durability and usability. "


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